Complaining About Social Media? You’re Part Of The Problem.

Sleazy salesman pointing

I think, after all my years on the web, I’ve reached a certain tipping point with whining.

Specifically, I’m referring to people that whine that [insert social network here] is too this or not enough that or there are too many ads or too much marketing or not enough ‘engagement’ whatever that means or…

(Extra bonus points for people who complain about the social network by USING the same social network.)

You get the idea.

I’ve written about this before, but perhaps it’s time for a reminder, because I sure need to get this off my chest (again). [Read more…]

How You Need To Change Your Sales Approach In a Digital World

Square peg in a round hole

This is going to be a succinct one, but it’s apparently a very difficult transition for a lot of organizations and individuals to make.

Today, sales works differently. It just does.

I don’t care what you learned in your sales workshops or training seminars, the reality is that 50-60% or more of buying decisions, especially by B2B buyers, are made digitally now. (Read more HERE, HERE and HERE).

That doesn’t mean we never need a sales person during the process, but it does mean that we are not limited to that avenue to find information about what we need.

Here’s an example. [Read more…]

4 Things Your Community Needs From You In 2016



When I first got involved with online communities (mumblemumble years ago now), they were largely digitized gatherings of misfit humans around common interests or topics.

Suffice it to say that the world of Community has changed drastically since then, and as a result, the role of the people that steward and tend to those communities has changed drastically too.

Now we have this interesting dynamic, especially between brands/businesses and their various communities. It’s not exactly personal. It’s not strictly “professional”. We’re all trying to hone this elusive “perfessional” balance that maintains the respect of customer/prospect/influencer-to-business relationship but adds a dose of personal attention, communication and voice that ensures each person as an individual feels seen and heard.

It’s not easy.

But even as some things change, many things stay the same, and there are few things your community will undoubtedly need as you gear up for building, managing, and stewarding those relationships in 2016, whatever it looks like. [Read more…]