for a digital world.

Master communication for the digital age.

Let’s face it. A lot of the marketing advice out there is stale, rehashed soundbites and listicles that don’t give you a whole lot of substance or direction. They’re after clicks and traffic. We’re after results.

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This ain’t your mama’s marketing.


Do you need to be more digitally literate, for yourself or for your business? Is your marketing just not as effective as you think it could be? How on earth do you cut through all the noise and connect with the people that matter to you?

The social web has turned all of what we know about marketing on its head, for good. We need real talk about how the web changes our behavior, our language, and our expectations…not more top ten lists for using the latest shiny tool.

I can help you master marketing for a modern world by focusing on the one thing that matters most in today’s business environment. Sit down, strap in, and get ready to have no-nonsense truth served up to you on a shiny, bloggy platter.

TheBlogCheck out my latest articles on smart communication, the realities of life and work online, and real talk about digital that shatters the platitudes with real-world guidance.

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SpeakingI’ve spoken on stages from TEDx to local AMA chapters and everything in between. If you need a seasoned and energetic keynote speaker for your event, we might be the perfect match.

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 I’ll help you learn the foundations of effective communication in a digital world through my series of self-paced, online courses that are friendly to your schedule and budget.

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Recent Articles

  • Where I’m Headed Next
    Where I’m Headed Next

    Drumroll, please! Here’s the official news about where I’m headed next, and what you can expect from me in this new role. I’m excited about it, and hope you will be too.

  • Why Social Media Engagement Numbers Suck (And What We Should Really Worry About)
    Why Social Media Engagement Numbers Suck (And What We Should Really Worry About)

    The age of “is this thing on?” is here. Our social engagement numbers just aren’t stacking up to expectations. But why is that? What are we doing wrong? Maybe we need to look at the entire thing a little differently.

  • My Leadership Philosophy In A Nutshell
    My Leadership Philosophy In A Nutshell

    Leadership today requires some steadfast, enduring qualities…and the willingness to do some things a little bit differently. Here’s my list of how I aspire to lead in a topsy-turvy marketing and business world.

  • How I Balance Personal and Professional Online Today
    How I Balance Personal and Professional Online Today

    The personal-professional balance online is a perennial topic of conversation. What do you post? Who do you let see it? Are there “rules” for this sort of thing? Here’s my take for you.