Get Used To Being Ignored

Altitude Branding - Get Used to Being IgnoredWe tweet, we check in, we post status updates.

We send emails. Text messages.

We create content upon content, share content, comment on content, rage against content.

All because at our core, we don’t want to be ignored. We very much want to be noticed.

Being ignored sucks. It sucks to be ignored when you’re sitting there, quietly, just minding your business. It sucks even worse when you put something out there, reach out to someone, and get crickets in return.

We can understand (almost) if we’re ignored when we’re quiet. But if we’re ignored when we’re not, it somehow immediately means that what we’ve said or done must not matter. That it’s valueless, or the recipient doesn’t care much, or that we’re so far down the priority totem pole that we might as well just quit bothering.

But we have to practice being ignored. Get comfortable with it. Sink into the silence. Why?

Because it gives us plenty of time to consider our surroundings. Absorb. Prepare ourselves for *that* moment. The moment when someone – the right someone – breaks their silence, comes out of the shadows, asks us for more, asks us what we stand for, and shows us that they’ve actually been paying very close attention.

Will you be ready?

image credit: cesarastudillo

  • Anonymous

    This article definitely speaks to me, although I have not learned to be ignored. I find it so hurtful. I wind up deleting posts and start giving up on people and my posts as being interesting or worthwhile. I’ve considered deactivating my account, but then I don’t want to miss out on other people’s posts and paying them their “due” attention. I wish I could be more calloused and not want to do unto others as I want them to do unto me. Ha!