The Roundup: What I Wish People Knew

The Roundup: What I Wish People KnewYou just never know when you’re going to hit a nerve.

Several weeks ago, I wrote a post entitled What I Wish More People Knew About Me. The intention was to share a bit more of the personal side of me as commentary on how we get to know people superficially online, but we rarely see or explore past the surface.

Apparently I’m not the only one that feels that way.

There’s something cathartic about writing a few things about yourself, whether they’re surprising or not so much. We’re taught not to share about ourselves, to be interested in other people, to be modest and self-effacing. That’s great and all, but from the outpouring of responses, I’d say not only do we all want to be a little bit better seen and understood, but we genuinely want to know a little more about others, too.

In that post, I encouraged folks to either send their Wish People Knew posts to me as a guest post for Brass Tack Thinking, or to write their own and send me the link. The roundup is below.

What’s amazing is that I found lots of posts that were written because someone two or three degrees removed from me shared a post with their community and inspired someone else. I think that’s pretty cool.

There are several dozen posts below, and I’ll keep this updated as often as I can when I come across new links. If I’ve missed you, just let me know in the comments.  I hope you’ll take the time to read a few, and learn a bit about someone new. How much do you really know about the people that surround you?

Thanks to all of you who were open enough to share a little bit of yourselves with us.

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  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much for putting this list together Amber! I’ve read a bunch of these already and if nothing else they’ve shown me how, behind the scenes (for lack of a better phrase), we’re all really so much alike. Like, REALLY alike.

    Thanks for helping us remember that!

    • Amber Naslund

      Thank YOU for participating. And yeah, the resemblances are remarkably human, aren’t they? :)

  • DJ Waldow

    This is simply a testament to your incredible skills as a writer, Amber. I hope you know and appreciate that.

    I can’t tell you how many times over the years that I’ve read one of your blog posts and thought, “Holy crap! Pretty good timing. How did Amber know that was so top of mind for me? How was she able to put in words what was in my head?” 

    You have a special skill, Amber.

    • Frank Dickinson

      In complete agreement with you DJ – COMPLETE!

      Thanks Amber for sharing you with us through this blog.

      • Amber Naslund

        Thanks, Frank. I love writing, and sharing, and learning, and all of the above. So, I’m really glad to have you along for the ride.

    • Amber Naslund

      Ah, thanks DJ. I dunno if it’s so much the writing as something in us that so *very badly* wants to see the humanity in others, and have a moment (and permission) to share a few things about what makes us tick. Being understood is one of the most basic of human emotions and needs. 

      But I thank you for the kind compliment nonetheless, and really appreciate your support and friendship, DJ. :)

  • christammiller

    Amber, as always, thank you for leading the way. :)

    • Amber Naslund

      Thanks, Christa! Was a total accident this time. :)

  • Kneale Mann

    This is SO cool!! We need to know more about each other so we can help each other. Bravo, Amber. :-)

    • Amber Naslund

      Love that you wrote yours too, my friend. Thanks for being part of it.

  • Ian M Rountree

    The doing of this list must have been quite a job, Amber. Wow.

    But – it’s not surprising this struck a chord. Not to me, anyway, especially given the broad range of people on the roundup list.

    We needed this. Thank you for it.

    • Amber Naslund

      And I know I’ve missed some along the way (see below) but I’ll keep updating as I find more. 

      I was especially fascinated to see how many degrees of separation it carried over. People that were friends of friends of friends. Pretty cool. :) Thanks for being part of it.

  • Cheri Allbritton

    I’ve always loved reading biographies and  autobiographies! You can understand someone’s contributions sometimes if you get a feel for the world from their perspective. 

    • Amber Naslund

      Isn’t that true? And somehow I think it makes us even a little less judgmental, a bit more empathetic if we can see the world through someone else’s eyes for a moment.

  • Jini

    Hi Amber,

    I was so inspired by your project that I wrote my own “What I Wish People Knew” but I couldn’t figure out how to send it to you (if I should post it the comments section of your blog, via email, etc.-I never figured out how you wanted it done.)  But I told my friend Marty Marsh, The Soul Proprietor, about your project.  He was an intrigued as I was and as Marty always does, he came up with his own unique way of showcasing HIS version of “What I Wish People Knew.” 

    Yes, he posted my “story” among others but I wanted to let you know about it since neither Marty or myself made it to your “Round-Up” list of these postings found on the web.  Check out, where Marty did a fantastic job with this.

    Thank you for sharing such a worthy and cathartic exercise with all of us!


    Jini Cicero

    • Amber Naslund

      Hi Jini -

      There wasn’t a rule, most people were just sharing their link in the comments or something. This is great! I plan to update the post with the ones I missed. Thanks for sharing!


  • Michael Said

    Nice idea and I will be back to post something about myself. 

    • Amber Naslund

      Looking forward to it, Michael. :)

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  • Maranda Gibson

    Thanks for this great list, Amber! It’s always fun getting to see a little bit more insight to where the bloggers we read are coming from.  So much of my writing is influenced by the things I wrote about in this post – I love to see that others have the same wonderful influences as I. 

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  • Babu M varghese

    Thanks for intimating. Great aquaintance. I admires you. 

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  • Jason Konopinski

    Hey, you spelled my last name wrong. ;)  

    I’m thrilled to be included in the wrap-up. Publishing the specifics of my post was difficult – but I’m certainly glad that I did it.  

  • Justin Kozuch

    Thanks for adding my post, Amber! I really appreciate it. :)

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