A NOW Revolution Success: Building A Corporate Blogging Team

Brass Tack Thinking - Building a Corporate Blogging TeamToday’s guest post is from Jenny Jobring, a social media marketer based in Barcelona. Originally born in Stockholm, Sweden she moved to Barcelona 4 years ago and has since then collaborated with with various international companies on social media strategies and implementation. Here she shares with us her real world application of the concepts from The NOW Revolution!

Earlier this year I made a road trip from Sweden to Barcelona and since I was lucky enough to sit in the passenger seat 90% of the time I had the chance to read The NOW Revolution and I finished it in a record time – AND immediately read it again!

The whole book amazed and inspired so much to the point that I promised myself to take a note of some chapters and implement it in a company before the end of the year.

Personally I’ve been working as a consultant for various American, Swedish and Spanish companies. I’ve been working with social media for about 4 years now and I’ve always loved it, however I´d been missing for quite some time to be integrated into a company and have the support of various departments.

So when the chance came up to join forces with Emagister, I jumped on the opportunity, eager to put in place the ideas I´d picked up from The NOW Revolution.

Moving Fast

Emagister is a major education directory, serving in 12 countries and offering education all over the world to people of all ages and backgrounds. When I entered, the team was investing heavily in building a troop of professional online marketers that would help taking the company to the next level.

Emagister has a young and international modern culture and even before I signed the contract I was informed there was a lot of interest inside the company to participate in social media. I noticed very fast that the company moved in a fast rhythm. Even though not all ideas can be implemented, the ones that are have a quick turn-around. No bureaucracy here, anyone with a good idea is welcome to send it directly to the CEO.

We didn’t want to use Facebook, Twitter and our blog just to sell our products nor did we want to just push out news in our channels. Instead, we wanted to create original quality content that would be beneficial for the user and easy to share.

So the first and maybe the most important thing that we implemented was a team of bloggers inside the company.

Building The Team

We have more than 10 nationalities on our team and we wanted to create a team who could write about interesting things and at the same time relate it with education.

Just like Amber and Jay suggest in the book, we created a poll through PollDaddy with 10 questions to identify our team. Who are they? Do they have experience in blogging? Do they prefer Facebook or Twitter? We got a whopping 27 answers! That´s a third of the whole company! Including the CEO!

We drafted up a document of what people had indicated they were interested in and found out there were basically 5 areas: Social Media, Music, Sports, Travelling and Education/Languages.

Steering the Ship

After that we created a social media guideline document. This included everything from our goals and objectives, what people could expect from joining us to all the details of how to write a good blog post and a crisis plan.

We gathered the team in the big conference room and presented the 50 ppt slides and had a quick brainstorming moment. Everyone was pumped and ready to get started. To be sure that people actually started sending us blog posts we asked everyone to set a deadline for their first post. Hear this: NO ONE sent their first post later that 3 weeks after the meeting and some sent us two post the same week! We were overwhelmed.

The Supporting Cast

The blog team was only one part, in addition to that we wanted to offer an option to the people who may not feel capable of writing but still would like to participate. So we created the Social Media Back Office team.

The team’s purpose is to help make our posts fly over the web and stay on top of the Facebook newsfeed by placing encouraging comments or questions, liking, starting out conversations through comments on a blog post, retweeting important messages and helping to detect issues around our channels. We created an email address smbt@emagister.com which we now use for everything related to our team.

We launched a blogging contest, giving out a small prize each month to the writer who gets the most comments, shares and +1s on their blog post and we’re creating Social Media Badges for our team so that they can be entitled to a bit more time on Facebook than the rest.

We also started a dedicated Customer Service account @emagisterhelp where we try to answer any questions and conversations about education. In addition to this we’re launching a monthly Facebook sweepstakes and plan on having the blog team help us move this project as much as they can.

Winning at Inside Baseball

We’re still in the beginning of this exciting project but in just a couple of months we´ve launched a revamped Facebook page, a redesigned blog and we’ve created this amazing team of dedicated bloggers and a system to make it all work.

Before we started out this project we were trying to find ways of attracting important guest bloggers to receive good credible content. But at the end we reached out inside the company and used our own resources.

I have always believed in the words Less Is More. From scaling down 14 Facebook accounts to 1, 20 Twitter accounts became 3 and 30 KPI´s became 10. I think this is extremely important for any organisation looking to create a productive and effective team.

You can’t spend your time doing admin work for more than 1 hour/day, that defeats the whole idea of engaging with your customer, being where they are and answering the phone when they call.

Special thanks to Jenny for taking the time to share her NOW Revolution success story! Keep up the great work.

  • http://twitter.com/JenLovisa Jenny Jobring ?

    Thanks Amber! The SMBT in Emagister keeps growing, and every day more people in the company are joining us.


  • http://twitter.com/JenLovisa Jenny Jobring ?

    Thanks Amber! The SMBT in Emagister keeps growing, and every day more people in the company are joining us.


  • Marti

    Thanks Jenny!!
    Exciting and inspiring!! The world of Social Media gets more approachable every day and even for “computer-retards” like myself, I feel I am still able reach out and partake in this exciting new frontier! Keep us posted…

  • Guardianelectronics

    Thanks for the article. Very good writer. Social Media is already a gloval thing. Every daymore people are joining.

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    • http://twitter.com/JenLovisa Jenny Jobring ?

      Glad you liked it!

  • http://www.convinceandconvert.com jaybaer

    Great example. I especially like the “less is more” approach on channels and metrics. Well done!

    • http://twitter.com/JenLovisa Jenny Jobring ?

      Thanks for the comment Jay and most of all thanks for an AMAZING book. You two are my heroes :-)

      Have a good weekend!

  • JC

    Cristal clear. Great approach!

  • http://twitter.com/AidaVJ Aida Viñas

    I’m glad to say that I’m proud to be in this amazing team. It’s great!
    I can’t wait to read the book and narrow my point of view about Social Media!!!

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  • http://www.simplyzesty.com Niall

    Sounds like there was some serious thought put in to this. The blogging side of it takes so long to do properly and having a social media team there as well wikl be crucial. 

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  • http://www.mikemccready.ca/blog/ Mike McCready

    Thanks for sharing. This is very valuable as I’m looking at establishing a corporate blogging team at the college I work at.

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