Are You A Relearner? I Want YOU.

Are you A Relearner? I Want You!

I’m collecting stories from people of all walks of life who have all somehow had to make a change in their life to unlearn destructive or unhealthy habits and patterns, or break free of stagnation and inaction, and relearn how to create the life they want (or at least get a step closer…we’re always a work in progress).

You can read the draft introduction for Relearn here if you want to get a sense of what I’m up to.

I’m looking for patterns among all the stories I collect to find some of the common denominators that underscore Relearning as a practice, and I hope to share those as a sort of “framework” that can help reinforce a Relearning mindset for people who want to reclaim their own happiness and momentum.

If you’d call yourself a Relearner, I want to talk to you!

Maybe you’ve always been the type that can identify obstacles, go back, adjust behaviors and habits, and make something better. Or maybe life, in all her glory, threw you in the deep end of the pool once or twice and you had to relearn something in order to keep moving forward.

Not perfect? No problem. None of us are. This is a no-judgment zone. You can rest assured that I’ve probably been there, done that myself, and I have tons of compassion for people who have made difficult and very personal changes in their lives.

But I believe we all have things that we’ve learned, unlearned, and relearned all over again in our lives. Maybe it’s little but made a big difference. Maybe it was utterly life-altering. Maybe you even failed to relearn something after you’ve tried several times and are still working on it.

All of those stories matter, and I want to hear yours. We’re strongest where we’ve been broken and put back together again.

A few things to note:

• This is research for my book, and by participating in this you’re giving me permission to use your responses, in whole or in part, as part of Relearn. Please indicate if you’d like to remain anonymous in any mentions of you or your story (I’ll create pseudonyms and remove/alter identifying information like places and other names).

• If you would like to ensure that I do not include your story in print but merely for research use, please let me know in your reply.

• Inclusion in the final manuscript is not guaranteed, but your responses will definitely be helping me shape the patterns and narratives that go into the book.

• In some cases, I’ll follow up with you about doing a more in-depth interview for the companion podcast I’m producing called Relearn Radio. Please indicate in your response back to me if you’re willing to go on air with your story!

To participate, you’ve got three options:

1. Simply fill out this form with the answers to the questions and your disclosure and/or additional participation questions.

2. If you’d prefer to type it all out somewhere else and send it to me separately, just copy and paste the questions below and drop them in an email to me at with the subject line “Relearn Interview”

3. If you’d rather speak than type, we can do an interview via Skype. Email me to coordinate a time.

Thank you in advance for your participation in this project. This is a very, very personal endeavor for me and something that will mean a great deal to lots of people I think. I know we’ll help each other simply by learning from our shared experiences.

I hope you’ll share your story as a Relearner.


1. What does the concept of “relearning” mean to you?

2. Tell me about your most compelling relearning moment, a time when you’ve had to challenge your own understandings and assumptions and relearn how to do or think about something to improve your life. What did you relearn, and why?

3. When did you know you had to make a change? Was it a sudden realization or gradual?

4. Did you find relearning difficult or easy? What was the hardest part? The easiest part?

5. What’s different now as a result of the changes you’ve made and the Relearning you’ve done?

6. Do you feel like you were successful in relearning? Why or why not?