I’ve Missed Blogging.


But I sat here for a long time, wondering what to blog about.

Paralyzed is probably more accurate.

See, BTT used to be one of those “influential” blogs that people knew about and included on lists because I wrote about social media stuff when a lot of other people weren’t writing about it (yes, that definitely had something to do with it, timing is everything).

The problem is, my hook became my roadblock.

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Stay Tacky, My Friends.

Stay Tacky, My Friends - Brass Tack ThinkingI lied to you.

Once upon a time, I said I’d never write a ‘newsletter’. I’m reneging on that.

I wouldn’t call it a newsletter, though. It’s an email I’m going to write weekly, but it’s not marketing to shill stuff I have for sale.

I’m starting it because I’ve actually had more than enough people ask for something like this, and after some hemming and hawing on my part (doesn’t everyone have an email thing and why on earth would mine be more than noise?), I figured I’d take the plunge. Because whether there’s ten of you or ten thousand, it doesn’t really matter if you find it useful.

Here’s what’ll be in it to start with. [Read more…]

From Successful Social Media Blog To…Failure?

Brass Tack Thinking - From Social Media Blog to FailureEveryone has a different take on blogging.

Why you should do it, how you should do it, how to grow it and sustain it and all that jazz.

Over the last five years that this blog has been around, I’ve shifted gears more than once. I thought it would be interesting to share with you what happens when you do that kind of thing.

First of all, I always blog for me, and me first. I blog about the topics that are interesting to me, which means they evolve alongside my work.

When I started the blog, it was focused heavily on branding and communications from a business perspective. Then it shifted to be more about social media, because that was becoming more and more of a focus in my work.

I caught a lot of traction then, because it turns out people wanted to read about social media stuff. So from a subscriber perspective, my numbers went through the roof.

I had over 16K subscribers at one point, which is still amateur by many “big blog” standards but was pretty solid for a couple of years worth of work. I was getting mentions on lots of other blogs, getting the attention of the big kids on the playground, having good discussions in the comments, and getting put on all kinds of lists for the “top social media blogs” and influencers in the space. [Read more…]