Stay Tacky, My Friends.

Stay Tacky, My Friends - Brass Tack Thinking

I lied to you. Once upon a time, I said I’d never write a ‘newsletter’. I’m reneging on that. I wouldn’t call it a newsletter, though. It’s an email I’m going to write weekly, but it’s not marketing to shill stuff I have for sale. I’m starting it because I’ve actually had more than enough [...]

From Successful Social Media Blog To…Failure?

Brass Tack Thinking - From Social Media Blog to Failure

Everyone has a different take on blogging. Why you should do it, how you should do it, how to grow it and sustain it and all that jazz. Over the last five years that this blog has been around, I’ve shifted gears more than once. I thought it would be interesting to share with you [...]

My Battle With Content Marketing and Selling Out


I’m struggling with this. A lot. I absolutely realize I’m a stick in the mud, here. But more and more, I’m finding that I don’t fit the aesthetic of the outstanding “content marketer”, whatever that means. For example, more and more blogs – including typically excellent ones – are using the whole “tweet this” thingie [...]

Hey, Me. Here’s My Advice.

Hey, Me. Here's My Advice - Brass Tack Thinking

I’m a big fan of pen and paper. My paper weapon of choice is a Moleskine notebook. “Which one” is kind of like asking a chocolate lover “which kind”, because I’ll answer “whichever one is in front of me”. I probably have at least a dozen laying around at any given time. Some are for [...]

Critical Thought Is Endangered

Brass Tack Thinking - Critical Thought is Endangered

I could have told you there were 42 reasons. Or 13. Or 6 steps. There aren’t. Or there may be, but I’m not going to list them out here. But headlines like that are just one contributing factor to a big problem: the continued erosion of critical thought and deliberate consumption and the hive-mind sharing [...]

Setting Comments Adrift: Impact Can Be Silent

Brass Tack Thinking - Setting Comments Adrift

The web changes. The way people behave on the web changes, the way it affects them and motivates them changes too. That includes the writing we do on blogs. The holy grail of blog success was often thought to be comments. In fact, once upon a time, that input and conversation was part of my [...]