Salespeople, I Can’t Believe We’re Still Talking About This

Brass Tack Thinking - Salespeople I Can't Believe We're Still Talking About This

Recently, I had to purchase a rather expensive piece of medical equipment. And I needed it quickly. So, I researched online, and within a day I’d determined what I needed, how much I was going to have to spend, and was prepared to make a purchase. I contacted one company through their website. They wouldn’t [...]

The One Thing That Smart Businesses Never Do

The One Thing Smart Businesses Never Do - Brass Tack Thinking

Smart businesses don’t make it difficult for people to leave. The games, the gimmicks, the “hide the cancel button”, the hard “please don’t go” sales routine. Does it work? Maybe, technically. You might get some people who will be too frustrated to go through the brain damage and they’ll sit there paying you every month [...]

Keep Your Standards High

Keeping Your Standards High - Brass Tack Thinking

I had fallen in love with a coffee table. This seems like a small thing, but after I’d been looking for months to find one I really loved to complete my living room, it was a minor triumph. The winning table was found online at Pottery Barn, quite honestly somewhere I’d never really identified with [...]

The Simple Complexity of Outstanding Customer Service

The Simple Complexity of Outstanding Customer Service - Brass Tack Thinking

Someone at American Airlines, please give Fran a raise. I travel a lot, so I fork over the cash each year – about $500 – to be a member of American’s Admiral’s Club. It’s a nice little airline lounge that they have in a lot of major airports, including my home base of O’Hare, and [...]

Floors, Contractors, And Customer Service…Oh My.

Brass Tack Thinking - Floors, Contractors and Customer Services

This is a bit of a long story from The Renovation Chronicles, so forgive me that. And I wasn’t sure whether it belonged on this blog or not, because it’s not so much about social anything as it is about good (and bad) business. You won’t hurt my feelings if you skip it. But I’ve [...]

Shades of Screwups: Not All Mistakes Are Created Equal

Shades of Screwups - Brass Tack Thinking

There are many ways to mess something up. And though we do love to say that there is no “right” way – which may indeed be true sometimes – there are most definitely wrong ways to do things. The truth, however, is that there are degrees of transgression, too. There are shades of “wrong”. Not [...]