Rethinking Productivity

Rethinking Productivity - Brass Tack Thinking

I think a lot of the ‘productivity’ set have it wrong. Or at least the messages are getting convoluted by those obsessed with their quest for inbox zero to little discernible end. Being productive isn’t about wringing every last minute out of every day doing something or checking stuff off a to-do list and building [...]

From Successful Social Media Blog To…Failure?

Brass Tack Thinking - From Social Media Blog to Failure

Everyone has a different take on blogging. Why you should do it, how you should do it, how to grow it and sustain it and all that jazz. Over the last five years that this blog has been around, I’ve shifted gears more than once. I thought it would be interesting to share with you [...]

My Battle With Content Marketing and Selling Out


I’m struggling with this. A lot. I absolutely realize I’m a stick in the mud, here. But more and more, I’m finding that I don’t fit the aesthetic of the outstanding “content marketer”, whatever that means. For example, more and more blogs – including typically excellent ones – are using the whole “tweet this” thingie [...]

Salespeople, I Can’t Believe We’re Still Talking About This

Brass Tack Thinking - Salespeople I Can't Believe We're Still Talking About This

Recently, I had to purchase a rather expensive piece of medical equipment. And I needed it quickly. So, I researched online, and within a day I’d determined what I needed, how much I was going to have to spend, and was prepared to make a purchase. I contacted one company through their website. They wouldn’t [...]

A Few Hard-Won Lessons on Being Self Employed

Brass Tack Thinking - A Few Hard-Won Lessons on Being Self Employed

If you’ve worked in the cube farm for the better part of your career, or even if you’ve lucked out with the awesome office, making the move to self-employment can feel like the ultimate break for freedom. FINALLY, you aren’t beholden to anyone but yourself. You’re your own boss, you make the rules, you’re responsible [...]

You Don’t Always Need To Say It

Brass Tack Thinking - You Don't Always Need To Say It

One of the prevalent thoughts about the social web is that if you post something, you’re inviting commentary and critique from the people that will see it. Many also think that opinions are the fuel for the social web. On a technicality, I suppose I would agree. On the basis of human behavior and common [...]