The Beginning of Relearning

The Beginning of Relearning

This morning, I woke at dawn with no alarm clocks and the dogs still snoring at my feet. But the start of this book was practically clawing its way out of my brain. So I sat down to write, and the words just came. Lots of them. As of this moment, I’ve written nearly 3,000 [...]

Learning to Relearn

Learning to Relearn - Brass Tack Thinking

I’ve been chewing on writing a new book for a while now. But every idea I came up with didn’t feel right. I crumpled many sheets of virtual and physical paper working through concepts to a point where I just lost enthusiasm, which is┬ánot a good way to start a book. I’ve been doing this [...]

Commonly Misused Words and Phrases, Part Deux

Commonly Misused Words and Phrases Part Deux - Brass Tack Thinking

A couple weeks ago, I wrote this post on commonly misused words and phrases in English. You all seemed to dig it, so drawing from the comments and a few other candidates that have surfaced since then, I bring you Part Deux of grammar-ish screw ups (with a lot less Charlie Sheen).

Critical Thought Is Endangered

Brass Tack Thinking - Critical Thought is Endangered

I could have told you there were 42 reasons. Or 13. Or 6 steps. There aren’t. Or there may be, but I’m not going to list them out here. But headlines like that are just one contributing factor to a big problem: the continued erosion of critical thought and deliberate consumption and the hive-mind sharing [...]

Better Business English: 16 Confusing Words and Phrases Clarified

Brass Tack Thinking - Better Business English

Ah, English. That pesky language that trips us all up from time to time. The emergence of short form communication like texts and tweets isn’t helping our cause here. Neither is a decline in reading and reading comprehension. Truly, how you speak and write leaves an impression, even if you’re only using 140 characters. No [...]

Setting Comments Adrift: Impact Can Be Silent

Brass Tack Thinking - Setting Comments Adrift

The web changes. The way people behave on the web changes, the way it affects them and motivates them changes too. That includes the writing we do on blogs. The holy grail of blog success was often thought to be comments. In fact, once upon a time, that input and conversation was part of my [...]