I deliver passionate presentations that are jam-packed with expertise, practical experience and concrete takeways. Whether your audience is corporate executives or conference-goers,  I’ll bring you a relevant, flawlessly executed keynote or featured presentation about how marketing and communication are different and more exciting than they’ve ever been.

Complexity can range from the basics to dig-deep concepts about social business implementation, digital literacy, modern marketing or online communication. Some current topics are below, but I’m always happy to work with you and suggest a topic that’s fresh, relevant for your audience, and entertaining to boot.

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  • “Amber is equal parts insight and entertainment. She can present her superior, first hand knowledge on social media and marketing in a frank and easily consumed format. She knows what she is talking about and delivers her points with humor."
    Jason KeathCEO, SocialFresh
  • “Amber is my favorite combination of speaker: Equal parts smarts, empathy, and passion. Plus, she’s funny, so she keeps an audience engaged.  It seems like those qualities would be easy to find in a public speaker, right? But they’re less common than you’d expect. Amber is one of those rare souls who possesses them all.”
    Ann HandleyChief Content Officer, MarketingProfs
  • “It’s not every day that I hear something so compelling that it causes me to totally rethink the way I do life. Amber Naslund opened my eyes to social media in a way no other speaker on the subject has done, and I have become a new social media evangelist because of her inspirational direction. The depth of her real-world experience and examples are enough to make even the toughest naysayer a believer."
    Mary Conley EggertTechImage
  • "Amber is extremely talented and able to articulate her thoughts, observations and insight to a wide range of audience types. Amber’s two webinars were the most highly attended of the 18 we have produced. I wish we could have her each month!”
    Mark SylvesterCEO, IntroNetworks

Current Topics

Selling Social to the C-Suite: Getting Buy In

One of the biggest barriers to larger scale adoption of social business practices is fear. Fear of the unknown, of the risks, of having the right strategy and the right talent in place to lead the charge. We’ll review the reasons that executives resist social programs, and how you can build a plan and a framework that addresses those concerns with tangible programs and initiatives to not only sell the idea of social business, but get your teams excited and eager to support the shift.

The Real Business of The Social Professional

Learn and understand how community management and social business roles have changed from online forum moderation and campaign coordination into robust and pivotal business strategy roles. Amber will cover the profile of today’s social professional, how this role integrates into business today, and why “engagement” isn’t enough to quantify success.

Setting Your Marketing and Social Priorities

How do you build a framework that helps you determine where you should be spending your time, money and resources for your social media and marketing programs? This presentation will walk you through the important questions you need to ask inside your company and how you need to align your goals in order to determine the roadmap and strategies that will work best for you.

Creating a Killer Online Platform

Whether you’re a brand or an individual professional, building and cultivating a solid online presence is table stakes today. We’ll discuss the key elements that make up a scalable, interesting online platform and talk about how to avoid the most common mistakes when creating a presence on the web.

Amber in Action

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