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I deliver passionate presentations that are jam-packed with expertise, practical experience and concrete takeways. Whether your audience is corporate executives or conference-goers,  I’ll bring you a relevant, flawlessly executed keynote or featured presentation about how social business is changing the future of our work, from culture to operations.

Complexity can range from the basics to dig-deep concepts about social business implementation, business process, change management, or communication. New topics and subjects emerge every day, so if your topic’s not on the list, I’ll create it just for you.

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Speaking Topics

Exploring the convergence of social media and business strategy, my speaking topics range from the tactical to the conceptual, from the inspirational to the nuts and bolts. Don’t see what you need here? Email me to talk about the details of your event.

Creating Gravity: Social Business in Practice

Social Business. You hear that term a lot lately, but what exactly does it mean? Why should I care about it, and how is it relevant to a company like mine? And how, exactly, do I make the transition from where I am today to the business I want to be part of tomorrow? We’ll talk about why smart, progressive businesses learn to purposeful build companies that attract the very best customers, employees, and partners, and how their dedication to Creating Gravity sets them apart and lays a strong, scalable foundation for social business and long-term success.

Selling Social to the C-Suite: Getting Buy In

One of the biggest barriers to larger scale adoption of social business practices is fear. Fear of the unknown, of the risks, of having the right strategy and the right talent in place to lead the charge. We’ll review the reasons that executives resist social programs, and how you can build a plan and a framework that addresses those concerns with tangible programs and initiatives to not only sell the idea of social business, but get your teams excited and eager to support the shift.

We Are Wayfarers: Owning the Seas of Change

All of history’s great explorers have shared a love of exploring the unknown. They were comfortable with questions, not just answers. The social web is our generation’s new frontier, and we are the change makers. We are the missing link between business as we know it today, and the world as we envision it tomorrow. In this gritty and inspiring talk, Amber talks about why we resist change, what true Wayfarers are really made of, and why curiosity is the fuel that will drive our business generation’s future success.

The Now Revolution: 7 Shifts to Make Your Business Faster, Smarter and More Social

The age of the internet has fundamentally changed the way we do business. We adapted to email and websites, even the phone. But we haven’t yet adapted our culture, people, and processes to respond to the real-time, social web. In this presentation based on her best-selling book, Amber walks through what it takes to move from yesterday’s models to a business that’s nimble and thriving in a right-now business environment.

The Real Business of The Social Professional

Learn and understand how community management and social business roles have changed from online forum moderation and campaign coordination into robust and pivotal business strategy roles. Amber will cover the profile of today’s social professional, how this role integrates into business today, and why “engagement” isn’t enough to quantify success.

Setting Your Social Media Priorities

How do you build a framework that helps you determine where you should be spending your time, money and resources for your social media and social business programs? This presentation will walk you through the important questions you need to ask inside your company and how you need to align your goals in order to determine the social strategies that will work best for you.

Brand Symbiosis: Balancing Personal and Professional Online

Being a professional representative of a company online and off can and should balance with a personal presence, and both of them can live in harmony. Talk about the challenges and opportunities that our blended online personas present, and how to strike the balance that makes us indispensable in a fast-moving social media world.

Social Media Measurement Reality Check

ROI. Metrics. Measurement. Outcomes. Few topics are discussed as much as social media measurement, and few are more convoluted or misunderstood. Get down to brass tacks with Amber in this presentation about how to set measurable objectives, identify and consider different metrics for your business, and understand the truth about ROI, value, and impact in a social media landscape.

Social Media Inside the Firewall

Learning to do social media externally starts with solid footing internally. Amber will talk through some of the ways social media can be applied inside your organization to improve communication, build culture and relationships, and share information and insight more easily.

Talent and Teams in Social Media: The Center of Gravity

Do you need a social media manager? A community manager? One person or a team? Who owns social, where does it live, and how do you design your organization in a way that scales social business programs and leverages the talent and expertise you already have? Amber will help you understand the attributes and skills that professionals in these roles need to possess, and the model that works for organizing and aligning social media people, platforms and processes in businesses of all sizes.

Booking Details

Finding out my availability is simple. Just drop me a note with “Speaking Inquiry” in the subject and give me the dates and location of your event along with whatever other details you can provide (audience profile, what you’re hoping I can present, etc). If your request is time sensitive, please indicate that too. Obviously the more notice you can give me, the better. Heavy event season is from March-May and Sept-November, so those months are often fully booked several months in advance.

My engagements typically require a speaking fee and travel (airfare and hotel) costs. I do a very limited number of pro-bono events each year and I am happy to entertain requests for pro-bono engagements, but please know my capacity for those events each year is limited.

I’m more than happy to provide a current copy of my speaker’s agreement and fees upon request but I can only hold and guarantee dates upon execution of an agreement.

For any more questions about booking me to speak, simply drop me an email.

Testimonials: What People Say

Amber Naslund - The NOW Revolution at Social 2011“Amber delivered an absolutely wonderful keynote presentation at BlogWorld! Through her uniquely brilliant insights, humor and creativity in storytelling, listeners are energized by her words and find themselves inspired for a new path in their own business adventures. 

She’s one of those rare people who helps you see the world through a new lens, activating positive perspectives, and this is what stimulates innovation and positive professional growth. She set the tone for a great day at our event. Additionally, during the Q&A one attendee asked how Amber delivered her talk so smoothly. She did so because she values the audience’s experience, prepares incredibly well, and in this event producer’s opinion, many speakers could learn a lot from her. Amber is a true gem! We whole-heartedly recommend her for your event, and know you and your attendees will have a very satisfying experience. Don’t wait, don’t think, just book her now before her calendar fills up!” – Dave Cynkin, Co-Founder, BlogWorld & New Media Expo

“Amber is my favorite combination of speaker: Equal parts smarts, empathy, and passion. Plus, she’s funny, so she keeps an audience engaged.  It seems like those qualities would be easy to find in a public speaker, right? But they’re less common than you’d expect. Amber is one of those rare souls who possesses them all.” – Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs

“It’s not every day that I hear something so compelling that it causes me to totally rethink the way I do life. Amber Naslund opened my eyes to social media in a way no other speaker on the subject has done, and I have become a new social media evangelist because of her inspirational direction. The depth of her real-world experience and examples are enough to make even the toughest naysayer a believer. She’s a reminder to all that authenticity and passion sell, as there’s not a phony bone in her body, and she holds her audiences spellbound on her every word. Amber’s spontaneity and humor also ensure everyone in the audience has fun, and even the tough aspects of social media adoption, such as cultural change and crisis management, are easy to discuss. Thanks for sharing your passion and insights with our teams, Amber! YOU ROCK!!!” – Mary Conley Eggert, TechImage

“Amber is equal parts insight and entertainment. She can present her superior, first hand knowledge on blogging, social media marketing, and social media monitoring in a frank and easily consumed format. She knows what she is talking about and delivers her points with humor. Amber has spoken at several of our Social Fresh conferences and is always a welcomed addition to the line up.” – Jason Keath, Social Fresh

“CareerBuilder was really lucky to have Amber speak on our webinar targeting Small Businesses. She did a fantastic job of relating to our small business customers while sharing the impact social media can have on their businesses. She understood that small businesses have minimal time and resources available to them, so she provided them with ideas on how they can leverage social media despite those obstacles. The visual presentation was top notch, the examples she used to make her points were fantastic and she is an extremely engaging speaker!” – Julianna Karall, CareerBuilder

“I have had the good fortune to have Amber as a guest on our monthly webinar series twice. Her ability to captivate the audience with her charm and wit helped us meet our goals of providing informational and fun sessions. Amber is extremely talented and able to articulate her thoughts, observations and insight to a wide range of audience types. Amber’s two webinars were the most highly attended of the 18 we have produced. I wish we could have her each month!” – Mark Sylvester, CEO, IntroNetworks

Amber on Camera

Keynote – Marketo Summit 2013


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AAA National
CEO Symposium
American Bar Association National Conference
BlogWorld Expo
Confex Norge
DePaul University Annual Employer Symposium
Direct Marketing Association (several local/regional chapters)
Inbound Marketing Summit
Marketing Profs B2B Forum
Marketing Profs Digital Marketing Mixer
Marketing Profs Summer Social Series
Marquette University PR & Social Media Summit
National Main Streets Conference
Ohio Growth Summit
OMMA Social
Online Marketing Summit
PodCamp Boston
PRSA International
PRSA Counselor’s Academy National Conference
Social Media AZ
SOCAP International Symposium
Social 2011 – Radian6 Annual Conference
Social Fresh
Social Media Camp Victoria
Social Media Club (local and regional chapters)
South by Southwest Interactive
Web 2.0 Expo
Webtrends Engage

Amber has also been a featured presenter at several private workshops with PR and communication agencies and nonprofit organizations, guest lectured at leading higher education institutions, and presented to executives of Fortune 500 companies.