The Restless Novice

If you spend any time on the event circuit, online, or even immersed in discussions around your own industry, you’ll often hear phrases like: “We need to talk about what’s next.” “Can we move beyond the basics?” While it might sound like we’re ready for all of the advanced stuff (which I’d often debate), I [...]

3 Reasons Why Expertise Costs Money

The No-Nonsense Guide To Getting Paid For Your Expertise - Brass Tack Thinking

On the web, the battle rages on every time a example of paid content or expertise comes on the scene. I’m not talking about sponsored posts or tweets – that’s a different argument that we’ll have to have another day. I’m talking about projects like Third Tribe, or other membership-based learning communities. Or ebooks that [...]

What The Next Generation Needs To Know

This morning, I spoke with a group from the Marketing Executives Networking Group here in Chicago. Their focus areas were all over the map, from financial services to education to CPG, tech, and public relations. I was, of course, the heretic brought in to talk social media and discuss some of the shifts happening in [...]