Keep Your Standards High

Keeping Your Standards High - Brass Tack Thinking
The coffee table I’ll never have – image (c) Pottery Barn

I had fallen in love with a coffee table.

This seems like a small thing, but after I’d been looking for months to find one I really loved to complete my living room, it was a minor triumph. The winning table was found online at Pottery Barn, quite honestly somewhere I’d never really identified with as a shopper. But lo and behold there it was, and I couldn’t deny it.

The base was three steel, worn library flat files. The top was a big slab of reclaimed wood, and the whole thing was set on big, clunky steel casters. (That’s it over there on the right). It was perfect. And I agonized over the price ($899) but eventually ordered it anyway.

The table was backordered (it was new to the inventory). So I waited patiently. And waited. And waited. Until the call came… [Read more…]